Our Mission

Strengthening British / Sri Lankan relationship

  • The aim of the Conservative Friends of Sri Lanka is to build a stronger, closer relationship between the Conservative Party, Sri Lanka, and British people including the British Sri Lankan communities in the UK.
  • Promote trade, and economic relationships between Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.
  • CFSL believes that encouraging and supporting a wide range of cultural activities between Sri Lanka and the UK (including the arts, sport, science and religious activities) will also serve to improve this relationship.

Giving Sri Lankan communities a voice

  • To gain better mutual understanding and friendship amongst people of different religious, cultural and ethnic groups within UK.
  • This will be achieved by hosting conferences and organizing events that acknowledges the issue affecting Sri Lankan communities, as well as producing briefing and other research materials to provide these communities with a platform to express their views and ideas.

Providing peace and reconciliation for Sri Lankan communities

  • By encouraging Conservative values and fostering integration between the Sri Lankan communities in the UK.
  • Our aim is to ensure all Sri Lankan citizens will be able to lead free and fulfilled lives, while peacefully coexisting within a single Sri Lankan democratic state of genuine reconciliation.

Maintaining relationships within the Conservative party

  • CFSL will actively engage with all Conservative MPs, peers, candidates, campaigners and British Sri Lankan communities across the UK.
  • Through working closely with the Conservative Party organization and Conservative Campaign Headquarters, CFSL will support the Conservative Party and assist with its campaigns, to win elections.